Why aren't you jamming?

Now before I lose you, I don't mean 'jamming' in the more traditional sense. Sadly, other than learning piano during my GCSE music (I could smash out Bon Jovi - Runaway perfectly), I have no musically talented bones in my body.

In the end my music teacher decided my best course of action would be to sing for my final examinations, which I did, and just scraped a C grade.

Jamming was (and is) not a thing i'm capable of!

This is my Jam

This is my jam is a great website that lets you have a living record of your favourite tracks, week by week. All it takes is 1 minute of your time, every 7 days, login and choose whatever track is your favourite at that point in time.

Never will you be left saying "I wish I could remember the name of that track I was really into a few weeks back"

Spotify integration

I'm a massive Spotify fan, so the "thisismyjam" app is great, it will build a playlist of tracks you've saved as your weekly jam as well as other user's tracks you've starred on the site.

thisismyjam in spotify

Listening to these playlists can make you feel like you're going back in time, which is pretty special.

Jam Odyssey

The main reason I started using it properly was when they launched a late night hack; Jam Odyssey, which took all of your jams and mashed them together into one giant sea of memories.

iamjamie's jamodyssey 2012

If you start now, come december you'll be thanking me when your ears listen to yours.

Checkout my Odysseys for 2012 and the slightly more filled out one for 2013.

Who doesn't love music?

I know I'm not alone when it comes to a love of music, there are few parts of the day when I don't have something entertaining my ears.

  • While showering
  • Driving to work
  • Working…at work
  • Driving back home
  • While browsing the net
  • When reading/tidying up etc

I'm always on the lookout for the next great track or album that is going to help me through the working day, it gives me focus, it can stabilise my mood from too high or low.

I find It really difficult to pigeon hole my tastes, I like most things, rock to pop, indie to trance, chill-out to folk. If they're actually 'singing' then I can usually appreciate it, so none of that rap or screamy stuff.

This is my jam lets me jump back in time and relive all those great tracks I might have forgotten, you owe it to your future self to do the same!

Seriously! Start jamming now

iamjamie profile footer from this is my jam

Jamie Wright

Designer working at Engage Interactive. If my thoughts, view or opinions offend you in any way, please inform Simon Willans.

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