Strawberry: Three years

Strawberry was the first "Real" design agency I worked for, and enjoyed every minute of my three years there, with location (Hull) being the only factor for me leaving! I was sad to go but excited to be at the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

So I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick look back at some of my 'highlights'. Here are a few of the projects I was lucky enough to be involved with during my time as a Strawberry employee.


This was a full design from scratch to replace a template ecommerse shop, the project included refresh all aspects of the brand from the logo up. I was involved in the refreshing the Logo, Design of the site and front-end build before handing over to the dev team. Visit site

Axis Telecom

After a complete rebranding of the business by the creative team, I was involved in translating those new brand assets into a new business to business focused design. Build & ExpressionEngine were completed by Simon Willans. Visit site
Screenshot of Axis Telecom


Again, in a similar vein to Axis, I was involved in the design of the new website after the creative team had completed a comprehensive branding exercise. Build & ExpressionEngine were also completed by Simon Willans. Visit site
Screenshot of Carcharodon

543 Junior

As part of a multifaceted campaign, I was tasked with bringing a great child-focused design by Abi Favelli, into an engaging and interactive working website that inspired young children to brush their teeth. Visit site
Screenshot of 543 Junior

Zoom Entertainments

For Zoom the brief was to incorporate the client's 2 existing sites for physical and digital goods into a single cohesive experience. Build by Adam Gilleard. Visit site
Screenshot of Zoom Entertainments


A simple, stylish redesign project with the Build & ExpressionEngine by Simon Willans. Visit site
Screenshot of DeSigns

Senor Churro

After Jade Woodfield had completed a full branding project with the client, I was responsible for building the fun and quirky design she's made. Visit site
Screenshot of Senor Churro

ESA Live

Sadly this still isn't live (as far as I'm aware), but it was one a piece of design work that I was really proud of at the time, Great visuals and cool social networking integrating steam/feed. Built by Matt Woods.
Screenshot of ESA Live

Jamie Wright

Designer working at Engage Interactive. If my thoughts, view or opinions offend you in any way, please inform Simon Willans.

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