About me

A designer, who isn't afraid to craft something without the exact knowledge of how it can be achieved in code, that's the hard/fun/exciting part.

Born on a monday, with favourite colour of orange, he graduated from the University of Lincoln with a 2.1 in Web Design (Hons). He tries to blog consistantly but it rarely floats above sporadic, he also enjoys dabbling in the custom t-shirt game.


When not working I love going out with friends for some chilled drinks and conversation as well showing off my hideously bad moves of the dance floor. I play football a couple of times a week and like watching it whenever Newcastle are on (Geordie born).


I also find it very difficult to say exactly what my favourite type of music is, if i'm not listening to something indie, electronica, rock or chillout and trance, then I'm secretly enjoying some chart cheese, and anything from the 80's is usually a winner.


I currently call Leeds home (or at least some place very close that you wont have heard of), I work at Engage Interactive as a designer, before that I worked at Strawberry over in 'sunny' Hull.